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Extract of company policy

Geodes carries out design, consulting and construction supervision activities in the fields of applied geology, civil, structural, infrastructural, geotechnical engineering, offering high quality services, considering as qualifying elements of its activities the following aspects:

  • execution, with internal resources, of the entire cycle of design/development and consulting, starting from the planning of geological and geotechnical investigations on site and in the laboratory up to the civil geotechnical, structural, infrastructural design and to the construction supervision in compliance with the current legislation and with the standards defined by the regulations issued by the national and international associations and institutes operating in the sector

  • ongoing technical-scientific improvement in the field of geology, rock mechanics and engineering and, in general, of geotechnical, structural, infrastructural civil engineering and of construction supervision

  • high specialization in the use of numerical methods in the applications of geotechnical and of civil geotechnical and structural engineering

  • compliance with the legislative requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, binding on the quality of the product/service offered to the customer, environmental protection and protection of workers’ health and safety.

The company policy, with a view to constant professional growth and continuous improvement, defines the objectives for the year 2023. The main approaches already indicated in the previous years are confirmed: constant and continuous attention to the needs and requests of customers and market trends, continuous updating to improve the overall capacity of all the components of the structure, monitoring of the primary processes among which the commercial, consultancy, design/development, construction supervision and procurement.

Through the monitoring of the primary processes, control and verification of the characteristics of the product and service offered and of the production trend are carried out, as well as the comparison with market requests, with the possibility of activating corrective actions.

Particular attention must be paid to consolidating and/or establishing partnerships with qualified partners in the field of design/development and with companies of national and international importance in order to participate in both design-only tenders and design and construction tenders  in order to allow a more careful selection of the tenders in which to participate with a view to greater qualification of Geodes in its sectors of activity and a consolidation of the professional experience of its personnel.

GEODES s.r.l.

piazza Arturo Graf, 124
10126 - Torino - Italy
P.I. 06208460011

iscrizione al registro imprese di Torino n. 769355
capitale sociale € 31.200 i.v.
società soggetta a direzione e coordinamento di gd test S.r.l.